Along with an incredible group of scholars, I am co-organizing a workshops at CHI 2016.

Visual Literacy in Human-Computer Interaction


Kyle Overton, Indiana University
Omar Sosa-Tzec, Indiana University
Nancy Smit, Indiana University
Eli Blevis, Indiana University
William Odom, Simon Fraser University
Sabrina Hauser, Simon Fraser University
Ron Wakkary, Simon Fraser University


The goal of this workshop is to develop ideas about and expand a research agenda for visual literacy in HCI. By visual literacy, we mean the competency (i) to understand visual materials, (ii) to create visuals materials, and (iii) to think visually [2]. There are three primary motivations for this workshop on visual literacy in HCI, namely (i) to engage HCI researchers in the transformative dimensions of visual literacy with respect to modern digital technology (ii) to assess the relevance and pervasive nature of visual artifacts in and as a consequence of HCI design, and (iii) to promote visual literacy as a first-class competency in HCI research and practice. This workshop will consist of paper and visual material presentations, critique, and structured discussion sessions. The overall goal is to detail a viable research agenda that investigates the persistent and emerging dimensions of visual literacy in HCI.

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