I’m excited to announce the continuation of┬áthe pictorials format for the ACM conference Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2016, first introduced at DIS 2014. Pictorials will, for the second time, invite visual documentation (such as a photo essay) as an archival double-blind reviewed contribution to an ACM HCI and design conference proceedings, offering an alternate approach to communicating and understanding interaction design research and practice.

The continued success of this format is important to demonstrate the potential of opening up (and challenging) current academic formats. Our goal is to continue to develop a visually-oriented track at DIS that is appropriate, relevant and inclusive to the discipline of design. It is important that we advance this new format with high quality Pictorials, hence we are looking for people who have extensive knowledge of design process and who will be able to help review and identify the best submissions for this format.


I’m a co-chair alongside Eli Blevis (Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, United States), and William Odom(Simon Fraser University, School of Interactive Arts + Technology, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada).