In fall 2010 I taught the course “Corporate Communications – a Part of Corporate Identities” to Master of Science students of the Information Science and Engineering program at the Hochschule Darmstadt.

In this course I taught about communication, perception, seeing companies as personalities/identities/corporate identities, and strategic communication.

See our Syllabus, a draft of my lecture planningmy slides (1)(2), (3), (4), practical task briefs (1), (2), (3). Unfortunately, this is all in German.

Besides attending my lectures, the students had to pick a company they would target a communication strategy at. First they had to do an analysis and create fact sheets and creative briefings about their chosen companies. Second they had to create  creative briefings for strategic communication work. Third they had to pick a part of a stretegic develop a changed strategic communications plan. Everything was presented in a final pechakucha event.

See a full documentation of one student HERE.