vvvv development and 360° VJ performance with and for Cocoon Club Frankfurt, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd -Interaction Design, Summer 2011.

Project guidance: Sabrina Hauser & Andreas Brendle | Project partner: Ivo Schüssler, Eno Henze, Ömer Erol

Students: Roman Grasy, Markus Lorenz Schilling, Jan Barth, Armin Kröner, Patric Sterrantino, Sofia Hnatiuk, Marcel Müller, Antonio Krämer Fernandez, David Abele, Phillipp Hogg, Adrian Abele.


(Music in the video: Tree Elves – Fortitude – Original Mix)

I initiated and guided this project of developing new visuals for the 360° projection wall system of the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The clubs unique realtime-system is build on a network-setup with 21 projectors and 22 computers running an early version of the VJ System IRIS which is based on vvvv, a graphical programming environment.

During a three-month time period, the project team created 20 different patches (vvvv-applications) in several workshops and implemented them into the clubs system. Each patch has different parameters which can be controlled in realtime using IRIS.

Finally, the group performed on a friday night event as VJs at the Cocoon Club showing their results.