Hochschule Darmstadt, Fall 2005, Information Technology Practicum, Instructor: Prof. Geribert Jakob

In this IT Project, I worked on the creation, specification and implementation of a database-supported management system for a food goods depot. The focus of the project was the functionality of the system. The design really didn’t matter (as you can see! – at that point I didn’t know anything about design).

We identified the problems and module gateways and created a semantic database model. Of course we potinted out the functionality with Use Cases and Process Diagrams in UML. We created a physical database model and a storyboard of the system. Then we implemented the database model in MySQL and programmed the modules in PHP. We also programmed some extensions in JavaScript. We had to keep a professional project plan up-to-date and write a documentation about the project and potential extensions.

This project was done at Hochschule Darmstadt in collaboration with two more students on my team: Johanna Dobrick and Olivia Shepherd.