Master Thesis, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, MA Communication Planning and Design, July 2009. Supervisor: Prof. Joerg Beck and Prof. Ralf Dringenberg


Title: ageo is a system for creating individual applications that use geographic data.

Through a comprehensive analysis of satellite navigation and in particular the European system Galileo, the concept of ageo was created. ageo is a draft for a user-oriented tool, based on the following factors:
– the enormous market development of satellite navigation
– the state of today‘s geo-applications
– current research on software and application model
– the development of online users from regular consumers to prosumers (professional consumers) to produsers (producing consumers)
– the Open Source trend of Web 2.0

ageo presents an online platform, which is available for users without programming knowledge but also for those with substantial programming skills. Individual applications for stationary or mobile use are created by selecting multiple data in a browser system. The data can be found on the one hand on the system database that is supplied and extended by users and on the other hand personal data can be added.

After selecting the data for the application, the user selects various settings and then exports the application. According to a better presentation and perception, scenarios of using the system and screen drafts have been created. They are also the basis for further processing. The concept has to be enhanced by a system-specific processing, including several evaluation processes.

I presented a thorough analysis of satellite navihgation and galileo, a new concept for an online platform system, scenarios in which the system would be benefitial, application designs of the system, and a detailed use scenario. An ovierview of it all can be seen on the poster seriesin the images below. See also application design screens, and parts of my documentation of the design project.

My documentation can be found HERE.